Air Cooled Condenser condensate wear out steam from the turbine and it come back the condensate to the boiler. That is in power plants steam is used to rotate the turbine. After the application, the steam will be a waste one. So as an economical part of operation, the steam is re condensate to water and followed by re-used for boiler feed water.

The Air Cooled Condenser is prepared of modules agreed in parallel rows as like Air Cooled Heat Exchanger. The component contains number of Finned Tube bundle. The axial flow forced draft fan is fixed in the module and forces the atmospheric cooling air across the Condensate area of the fin tubes.

The capacity of supply of an Air Cooled Condenser will consist of all turnkey job from supporting structure, condensation ducting from the steam turbine interface and all auxiliaries like pumps, duct drain tanks, instrumentation and air evacuation units related piping works.

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